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Having been "full-timers" for 6 years now, we have seen and tried many "must have" products and found that some have been more valuable than others. As full-timers we have a very tough criteria of what is to be kept in our limited and valuable space. So we have added this section to our magazine to share with you, our readers, our opinions of some of these products. We will only test and report on those products that we have personally tried in actual "on the road" trials. We promise to call 'em as we see 'em and give you the pros and cons that we find.

bear spray
UDAP Bear Spray = Motorhome Protection: Motorhomers can't pack a gun with us everywhere, but we can still have protection, even in Canada and Mexico. We tested it and give you the low-down on carrying it with you.
All products have been rated with 1 to 5 "Charlies"
rating rating rating rating rating
A (5) Charlie, being the best, is worth the room in your bins.
rating blank rating blank rating blank rating blank rating
A (1) Charlie is a don't bother purchasing this product rating.

If you have an RV product that you would like us to review please use this e-mail to make arrangements with us - please give as much info as possible in your initial contact and know that we call 'em as we see 'em: rvproductreviews@motorhometraveler.com
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