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Route 66 — Training Ground for Freedom (turn on your sound)

(Bagdad) Free At Last!  

Thank God Almighty I am free at last from chamber of commerce thinking that the “freedom of the road” runs right through their city.  That it leads to is a tourist attraction worth photographing— two blocks south, then turn left! Or is that right? Doesn’t matter, both ways are wrong.

If you really meant it when you Googled in “Motorhome + Travel,” when considering the advantages/disadvantages of retiring to live in a RV vehicle (80% of us) while traveling across America looking to run into those elusive Charles Karault people — then don’t waste anymore seconds of your life stop looking for righteous information in expensive brochures.

I can tell you right now, after 5-years full timing over 60,000 miles, that what your friendly RV salesman tells you, ain’t necessarily so. A planned project for this publication, as soon as I can figure out how to thwart thug lawyers laying in wait, is to explain the truth of how the warranty game really works, among other things that fall apart.

The problem I have with brochures and RV salesmen is that I hit the road with many expectations, that didn’t turn out be as advertised.  One example, a defendable in court fact I can tease you with — “film at 11”— is that Jayco sold me a “bumper to bumper” warranty on a unit that doesn’t have bumpers!”

So, my advice to those who already fell for the controlled message of motor home advertising is to get off the freeways —quick— as they aren’t free. As an Alaskan I can pass along this true fact — “If your aren’t the lead sled dog of a team, the view never changes.”  I also know that one can drive a big rig —on freeways— from Washington State, to Florida inside of five days. Then where do you go?

What better way to understand the greatness of what used to be America, than to travel a great highway, as historic Route 66— even if it is full of potholes. If you are of my generation, we too are full of holes, so what do we really have to loose? What possible punishment could be worse than dieing, without ever having truly lived?

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