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The sadness of taking a foot off the gas by slowing down for being 73-plus, after almost twelve delightful years of being full-time, "on the road again," expatriate American freedom fighters from the hometown of Miscellaneous — we have actually (gasp!) come ashore.

In our archived pages of Motor Home Traveler, and RV Travel Magazine (and the belated interlinked web part that also covers fifth wheelers) you can read of the positive possibilities of a heterosexual couple known as Barry and Bobby committed to each other in spite of bank transfer losses due to her loss of pension due to the bankruptcy of ENRON, and an SS government agency loosing all record of my filing a self employment returns of some of my best years of being a freelance writer/photographer for magazines as LIFE, and Holiday?

We have used our pioneering online magazine media experience, years before Newsweek decided to go all digital subscription supported traditional 500-year old verso, or vertical, format to fit —what will those computer kids think of next?— debating which computerized slate or pad software package can deliver an emulated standardized sheet of typewriter paper that only fit one way in my old trusted Underwood.

Who knew we would run out of seconds before completing our dream of building-out a hyper-linked www.USATravelMagazines.com publishing empire, that really started when Miz Bobby, a partner in my multimedia www.MacAndMurray.com (an advertising agency that pioneered online video) decided we should buy a motorhome with a "bonus" check from a grateful client who sold out American jobs to a multinational corporation, to save if from it being siphoned away to help build my youngest daughter's Alaska travel business, before she as a trained MBA financially  betrayed me further. 

The back-story is that once actually owning, free and clear, a motor home —named Charlie Horse— what does what do with it? Bobby, felt in all fairness we visit the high desert of Redmond, Oregon, to park in the her daughters driveway to connect with grand-babies. Tit-for-tat I suggested we keep on going a month later to visit my brother in Showlow, AZ, where he was making a name for himself by helping the White Mountain Apache build an RV park that respected the natural setting of precious Arizona pine trees.

From there our entrepreneurial spirit led us from our beloved Charlie Horse to in yet-another modern day covered wagon named for my favorite pack horse Jedidiah, that in turn was named for mountain man explorer Jed Smith. And by singing our anthem from the musical Paint Your Wagon every time we turned the key leading out to "Where are we going / I don't know / But we are on our way," we have done the "This Land Is My Land," thing from Alaska to Florida," to the point it really makes sense to "be washed ashore" to eventually disappear into a bare whale bones "on the beach" vacation known as retirement.

Question — can a young Baby Boomer couple who can stand living together 24 / 7 in a box that even with slide-outs is only 327 square feet, that actually can afford the gas today of being a motor home traveler, use our search engine old grand-fathered in position to share with other potential retires that have sort of survived being labeled —by both Democrat, Republicans, and Twinkie Corporate CEO's— as the Un-Entitled Generation.

Seriously! I am just a little re:tired of being picked on / laughed at by pimple faced brat kids who weren't even born when I became a computerized "net citizen" back in 1985, where access to the Information Highway was through texting on local online bulletin boards, that NIC and NAKed through twin twisted pair hard wired telephone wires via FIDEO NET, to the digital library of CIS, and BRS, that in my life experience seems to been replaced by the free one sided inaccuracies of Wickipedia. I am just looking for a little peace and quite with a low impact off-grid motorhome style view, to write my memoirs.

So excuse me for using my West Coast mirrors to look back in anger, while heading for the fun and safety of the hills, My point being, as an old magazine man that has yet to Twitter OMG, I know without any doubt that the obligation of being a First Amendment protected publisher is to pay attention to the true owner of any informational (non-spammed) media is the READER —that also is looking to spend precious seconds of their life ticking away on something as meaningful as a Charles Kuralt On The Road, or Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie saga.

This is why I will only turn over what we have built with MotorHomeTraveler.com, to those experiencing a freedom of the road that also have an attitude of earning readers trust by honestly commenting on the good, bad, and the ugly parts of our chosen lifestyle. Lip flapping corporate control freak salesmen wanting to sell out our magazine into a house organ / corporate brochure, please go around to the back to apply a false 'good-old-boy' slap on this old horsepacker’s hindquarters. Dare you!

Understand, our niche market has always been to supply a readership need —even if poorly supported by advertisers, or gloss dead tree paper news stand sales— explaining how to survive the our freedom of the road by truthfully reporting from actual, provable in a liable court, experience from turning the key after a week of familiarity with our outdoor living room's view needing redecorating with a change of wallpaper. As, happened even at an affordable RV rental space (nothing) at Sulfur Lake in the Yukon, as pictured above.

Part of our fun has been a First Amendment protected way of supporting our chosen lifestyle by balancing the good (off grid support of solar energy, again proven by the photograph above where a generator would have hidden the sound of a crazy loons at Sulfur Lake), and bad that could be improved (as macerators have done for under-engineered black water systems) — in the truly defensive battles with the ugly.  Here are some of the concerns I feel need some continuing support, no matter how inexperienced you may think your thinking/writing style, as:

1) The ability to enjoy driving a motor home off the showroom floor without worrying about the beautiful shiny box on wheels falling apart.  As you may find deep in our archives we had a problem with the advertised lie of a Jayco "Bumper-to-Bumper" Warranty— where the fine print catch was that our motor home actually did not technically have a front, nor a rear, bumper.

We faired better, after one of those aftermarket warranty companies sent their shock troops of tap dancing lawyers to have us paying for replacing a broken rear spring and a gyppo shop in Billings, Montana, that charged us extra for freight on the leafs that had already been "fixed" days before by welding.

Fortunately the very solid Workhorse Chassis rep felt so ashamed of this authorized workshop failure, he extended their warranty coverage when the truth came out on a roadside in Needles, California. The shop they sent us to in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, not only actually did a honest brake recall repair, but offered an added value by having the rig weighed to point out the problems we might be having with a multinational tire designed for freeway only travel.

Sorry that some American workers have been replaced by multinational management.  It came to pass that we did have tire problems driving off the pavement into one of the BLM desert campgrounds of Quartzite, Arizona  (the flea market capital of the world) and again paid a price to upgraded in a balanced ply ratings all around— again with imported tires.

2) The defense of a truth in advertising for our readers, which unfortunately in a supply and demand sort of way, supports the free enterprise system of not paying a subscription fee for an electronic download. The problem here is letting the penny shopper's control pay per click advertising where someone's nephew has over ridden the old fashioned wisdom of an advertising agency media buyer.  What is demonstrated at the bottom of this page requires a lot of effort for a magazine publisher to "police" the link and banner spam stuff that insults the integrity of the message of the medium. I have a banner here in a relevant way proves that clicking through here in a relevant advertising preferred position is a very valid way to sell product— as my e-book available direct through six different retailers.

Barry Murray Author

I am not only pointing fingers at sleazy corporations looking for first come, first served, low cost broadcast "name branding" publicity. I signed up AlaskaTravelMagazine.com as an affiliated publisher to run "branding” advertising for Alaska Airlines (whom through my experience since 1968, I know to be a reliable carrier that pre-MBA been counter management used to serve reindeer steaks, and did fun flight announcements in a Robert Service poetry style) ten years ago. Since I then I doubt I have made even 10¢ from their "partnership" direct click-trough sales to the corporate web site booking flights. I also once was an affiliate for the very respected, and needed Camping World Presidents Club — before I realized that their partnership with some "hyphenated" RV dealers joint venture repair shops perhaps needed to pay a little more attention to motor home travelers business needs. At least our no muss, no fuss, "hands off" Google advertising Adsense partner actually worked collecting something back from Alaska Airlines banners for all the business I have sent their way.

What I really had in mind with our publication was replacing —perhaps cookie directed— local Yellow Page advertising for brick and mortar stores that understand that it is sometimes very difficult to double park at a big box hardware outlet, when looking to do the recommended, yet simple to do annual maintenance of a water heater. Just the other day I learned just how much easier it was to "parts partner" from the Coast of Oregon, with Premier Coach of Santa Ana, California.  Even though I don't think they ever advertised with us through our ad partnership with Goggle, this free plug for RVPartsCenter.com, is a thank you to them for delivering performance.

Unfortunately another "partnership in advertising" one sided win-loose relationship gone wrong was where the MBA marketing manager of Camp Chief benefited by our running a free product review of their specialized camp cook system, that we had actually purchased out of our pocket in a national outlet store. The enthusiasm I had for what they manufactured from my camp cook and sea cook background had me supplying photographs and copy to be honored with the title of "ProChef" staff. Wow, I admit having the vain idea of possibly being paid as an entertaining celebrity chef at motorhome shows and rallies, where I could show off my dutch oven delights while perhaps selling my own on the trail cookbook. This dream all came to an end when I complained online that their propane stove had leak problems at the regulator, and their barbecue lost nuts and bolts when stored in a bin while traveling, and I wondered out loud how a cast iron grill could actually break in two.

I also tried with a "Code of the West" handshake advertising partnership, where a retailer in rural Utah was peddling out of the back of the wagon a very much needed cell phone signal booster. That works wonderfully where mountains stick out as white, on cell tower coverage maps.

You guessed it dear readers of MotorHomeTraveler, RVTravelMagazines, and Washington, Oregon, and CaliforniaTravelMagazine that all need help reformatting— I got suckered in by the big city MBA crowd, once again. From my ad agency days I like designing full-page ads. I also feel a need for W. Edwards Deming's Total Quality Management "Win-Win" scenarios. This is why I was pleased to supply "free" advertising, that fit my editorial content, on the proposition that the reader could "earn" a discount over what was being sold at truck stops, and on a retail web site, by entering a special code. What a wonderful sharing idea, and it did work, until, again, the marketing manager was replaced a year and a half ago by a control freak that apparently (without notice to us) felt the process of giving my readers a break, and paying us a small earned percentage in return, was a little too complicated, as he told me one the phone, for this good business challenged employee to even think about.

Why am I whining so about all of this? As a lifelong self-employed businessman I know that unyielding corporations have ever changing management problems to work out. In the spirit of yin/yang full disclosure I am of the mind that once the tablet / pad format wars have settled upon an full page advertising size standard the online travel magazine publisher will struggle to pay for gas to compete with "free” chamber of commerce press releases— the potholes for travelers along the Information Highway needing to know what those who have the experience, really know, for example, about the stupidity of "camping" at Tyler, Texas, through a recommendation of a State of Texas travel center.

It might, allegedly, possibly, could happen that there is an advertising aware couple "somewhere West of Laramie," that have not been numbed down to being sheep in a herd, corralled once again to be flocked, might find my long rambling proposition of, "Here, you take care of this," as a somewhat viable way to supplement a "entitled" gift of a retirement we all have paying into for years, by simply following the trail of the seasonally unemployed cowboy of taking a "high lonesome" trek over the next ridge.

3) In support of the other things motor home adventurers really need we also ran into an argument last month with a way to communicate, and upload web pages while on the road, with the MBA flunky voice of Mr. Sprint, when we were told that none of our 12-years experience in dealing with their "recorded for clarity" promises via our broken-up cell phone conversations, "proved nothing" — as she had not personally talked with us!

Unfortunately her CEO celebrity spokesperson had personally promised via TV advertising he would make everything right, but as we actually had no way to maintain an e-mail record that MotorHomeTraveler.com pioneered using Sprint wireless access through their expensive cell phone service, via their Sierra "modem" —actually a phone that somehow could be reprogrammed from the corporation— that we had no claim for a refund of the $5 per month insurance we had paid for many years on a unit that absolutely could not be replaced to work on our very stable computer's operating system.

When it failed I could find refurbished a Sierra "modem" on E-Bay, for less than $20 (less than four months device insurance) payment that could not be used without activation from Sprint, perhaps the real un-documental answer might have had something to do with the unit being 3G bundled for less than $200 with a sign-up with a truly unlimited data access, free of roaming tower charges outside of 4G service areas. Sprint has been trying since said alleged contract passed their self imposed expiration date, to alter our usage.

As I did not have the time and energy to keep fighting in court everyone we could contact at Sprint, we just threw our hands in the air, and switched to Verizion wireless to upload this page to our FTP server. So far I have been more than satisfied with the service to the marginal 3G areas frequented by us "trailer trash" trying to avoid becoming involved by big city mobs demonstrating against the 99% management tactics of corporate American's brightest upward mobil bound.

I mention the above as I hope that the writers who will be taking over what we call in Wall Street style initials as MHT, will find an article on their cell communication experiences a worthy topic to attract readership.

4) And to document yet another topic disclosing the crazy system known as insurance, pretending to protect those that pay the mandated monopoly blackmail to legally drive down the road, might I suggest that coming ashore without filing a accident report, this may perhaps the biggest "freedom" battle of all.

Who knew that a GMAC policy I purchased at a trusted Camping World store in Arizona, in 2004, because I had switched to driving a GMAC Workhorse chassis from my beloved Dodge 454, that both the chassis, and insurance "divisions" had been sold off for personal gain by "Multinational Capitalists" style stockbrokers who then allegedly benefited from the taxpayer bailout of the London office of AIG, and insurance company that actually defaulted on their solemn promise to pay claims, when we all were hit hard by the reckless driving of out of control mortgage bankers.

Really this story should be more than an article; an expose´ book perhaps trying to explain how after spending nearly $20,000 over eight years, by the month, when it came time to park our motorhome, and only carry liability on a 1986 Suzuki Samari (perhaps the preferred lightest weight flat tow vehicle available to motorhome travelers) they somehow could not accept our business on account of our credit rating being "blocked?"

No insurance policy quote was made for actually paying the policy in a devalued paper dollar. I have not used any credit for the corporate preferred convenient monthly accounting direct payment other than to Sprint for phone service, and GMAC for required auto insurance. The truth is I have not used a credit card since 1980 when American Express jumped all over me for missing a payment while out of contact in wilderness Alaska taking care of my 800,000 ounces of silver, in the banks of Bowser Creek, that really is my personal answer to devalued, and very flawed, Wall Street and Social Security financially managed retirement programs. The paranoid scary part of dealing with bloated corporate bureaucrats was that when transferring to our cell service to Verizion, our sales representative was proud to tell us how quick our credit check had cleared.

As an addendum to this page published previously for our MotorhomeTraveler readers benefit, just doing my journalist's duty, let me add the follow-up events to all that has happened recently:

After calling GMAC to cancel our Good Sam policy (curiously underwritten by National General Insurance Company) about needing to legally cover the driving of our 1997 tow Samuri three miles to the closest grocery store, sure enough we received a "Valued Customer" Amended Declarations Page in the snail mail—which stated it was not a bill— listing a total policy premium of less than half of we had been paying on the very discounted replacement value of our aging motor/tow vehicle combination that had declined in replacement value to $35,000. Remember that figure for now.

This document was 21 pages of fine print that would drive a lawyer to charge double to pay for his much needed bifocal glasses. And, we received this offer too late in that the simple thing to do was call up a real live person at a State Farm office, in Newport, Oregon, who took care of our needs re-insuring an Alaskan's needs. This connection has yet to be tested by need.

Add to this bubbling cauldron my lifelong insurance carrier of trucks and automobiles I dropped in favor of GMAC's supposed understanding the legal intent of "full timer's" insurance, was Allstate Insurance company. Too bad after all my years of faithful paying required by law premiums, Allstate also played the TransUnion National Disclosure Center game of not using an "accurate credit report" to ask for insurance coverage.

The question remains, however, after going through all that small print, and computerized disclosure, as to exactly what we had paid $20,000 for as special safe driver being the the only moving vehicular accident claim in my life was being hit, and almost killed, by an uninsured back road drunk back in 1969. As I have outlined on the pages we actually have partially made a living from a media business as we full timed by going down the similar dangerous roads.

I have known as a consumer for some time that our motorhome warranty and information manual had legalize that stated, "Your new motorhome has been built for enjoyment in a recreational manner. It is not intended for use as full-time quarters." So imagine my surprise, after re-reading said fine legalized print covering paying additional dollars to GMAC for loss of contents coverage, that through their recreational use only policy that "RC recreational cameras" really cannot be used for business purposes! Ouch!

This following another e-mail missile, " Don't miss out on your Good Sam VIP rate…" on specialized RV insurance. Alas, I had thought I was above the stupidity of the RV Man Act of travelers exercising their undefined rights of interstate commerce having to have a legal residence, somewhere otherwise than personal income tax free Alaska. So sorry I obeyed the law by re licensing my tag-along second vehicle in Oregon.

Sorry, also, that I have to disclose to prospective buyers of this URL, but someone really needs to fight the battle that our beloved gray/blue haired LOL's from high income tax states, being at risk for harassment of local licensing authorities, in partnership apparently with insurance companies who really would prefer we all stay safely at home to pay our insurance bills in compliance with credit reporting agencies that do not respect cash on the barrel head fiscal policies.

An addendum, plus another, to my previous add-mad-dumb:

Apparently GMAC was just following the modern rules of corporate commerce in that a consumer verbally can agree to buying something, instantly, through direct to your bank scheduled charges — but when it come time to cancel a policy by phone so many working days before the next installment date is due, what is one supposed to do with yet another paper statement from St. Louis, Missouri, that pontificates that the installment amount I am still owing is $.00?

This was followed by a phone call from Cleveland, Ohio, on the behalf of Sam's Club apologizing for their partners poor manners. This was very well received by me —as he spoke with the dulcet tones of a trial lawyer setting up an unsuspecting witness for a jury— until the voice changed to explain that the problem may have been my Alaska licence plates. Exactly how much time, he asked, had we had been spending in our residence state ever since buying our (extra cost full time) insurance in Arizona? I told him, that I had told the salesperson, that our only legal residence was the log cabin I had built at our silver mine that was 125 air miles from the nearest road. And, more to the point as a full time "snowbird" traveler that trying to live in a motorhome in wintertime Alaska —that has special cold air quality restrictns— was not a well thought out idea for flatlanders to even spend time fussing about.

We simply thought. as simple minded U.S. Citizens, were were personally insured when blissfully driving down dangerous Interstate Freeways, instead of our vehicles. Wow, after all that money spent for the assurance that an AIG style big brother actually cared for us as long as we didn't make a claim, it was disheartening to realize we really had been living on the edge of such a potential fiscal cliff. All of this just brings up other gray areas for travelers, as renting an out of state licence plate vehicle at an airport, especially when asked if expensive supplemental insurance is needed.

So, it come down to this. If you somehow think MotorHomeTraveler might be an honest proud name on your business card, trying to survive an engineered Great Depression II, by doing the right thing eking out a non-RV Industry supported living; If you can survive the "righteousness" of our paper dollar society being pulled aside exposing the Advertised Wizards of Ah's, then send us an email at our parent corporation known as MacAndMurray@Gmail.Com. 

Careful though. If you want to maintain Miz Bobby's good will as she doesn't’t know at the moment I am offering our baby for sale, and as she could be the one to liaison with for keeping a grand-fathered TQM search engine position without 404 errors, while keeping your URL on a "turnkey" low cost, and very respected main frame server, if so desired — your really need to talk through the business things with her!

Fair warning, however —Bobby is a SWMBO (which according to RV park neighbor "Chef Karen" of www.DriftCreekGourmet.com), translates into She Who Must Be Obeyed, which in itself is a literary reference to Rumple Of The Old Bailey. Perhaps MotorHomeTravelers are the only ones who actually read "exchange library" books anymore. And perhaps RV park potluck dinner social events actually show we may be the last vestige of a "community" where neighbors routinely help neighbors in the virtual barn raising of a self employment, travel anywhere, web site. This too is part of the fun we have been experiencing by not succumbing to the idea of being useless, un-entitled, "old folks."

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